Saturday, September 21, 2013

Things that make me go WTF?

1. When some unknown people sends friend requests on Facebook. 

2.Lazy government officials. Sarkari naukar hain aap, damaad nahi. :| 

3.Nerds and their non stop chit chats with lecturer. 

4.Confession pages!

5.When your current boyfriend compare you with his ex. 

6.Stalkers.*Ghar me maa behen nahi hai?* :P

7.Smoking in public.

8.When I'm tweeting continuously for a contest on twitter but the admin is not retweeting my "awesome tweets" :P

9.*Pralay ki shuruaat, Museum k andar phans gaya sikander, Samunder k lootere* kind of hollywood movie titles dubbed in Hindi.

10. He- ILoveyou. Me- Awww, ILoveyou too sweetheart.*After some time* He- I was friend zoned. Me- :|

11. After "kyunki saas bhi kbhi bahu thi", a new drama "kyunki bahu bhi to kabhi beti thi" is going to spoil some more families.

12. *Hindi is not so cool * kehne wale sabhi bhartiye naagrik.

13. Awww, Buh-bye, oso, puhleez! *Bye, Also, Please* much better :D

14. Drama queens, attention seekers.

15. Stupid twitter names *Mumma's angel, princess priya, random rachna* Errr! If such names are real, please sue your parents asap.

16. Politicians debating on some stupid issues, they know the condition of India where they need to do many other important things.

17. 50 tags on a photograph. Seriously?

18. After so many scams, people still believe in IPL stories.

19. Rakhi Sawant, sherlyn chopra and all other silicon beauties.

20. Fiama di wills me kesar badaam, dove me dhoodh malai. People in India are hungry, dude!

21. When people say"India ka kuch nai hone wala". When u cannot do something good, just keep your mouth shut n stop demoralizing others.

22. When parents overreact on small things.

23. When I realize all my friends are busy.

24. When i'm tweeting but nobody's retweeting.

25. When he make some stupid excuses like "I am busy" but actually chatting with other girls.

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